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Wedding photography and portrait photography for Northumberland and north east England

Kenn & Sheila Reay's truly unique approach to wedding photography and lifestyle portrait photography shows your world in a fresh light...

Covering north east England including  Newcastle, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and Cumbria,we have a passion for life and for people. Being a married couple ourselves, we take a relaxed and natural approach to photography, allowing you the space to be yourself while we capture the precious moments that make you who you are. Life is full of these perfect split-seconds of happiness: they're gone in an instant, but our style of photography allows you to enjoy them forever.

Sheila brings a feminine sensitivity to each shoot. Subtly guiding you through the session, she'll ensure that in the excitement of a wedding or the fun of a lifestyle shoot, the important details are captured for you to enjoy forever.

Whether it's wedding photography or lifestyle photography, and wherever you are in the north east, our photographic style is defined by you and the way you live your life. It's as unique as you are, but every session bears the hallmarks of uncompromising quality, insight and attention to detail.